The Door - An Idea House


What is The Door?

The Door is an idea house. It is an entryway that leads to a positive business and image transformation. We are a mid-sized collective of marketing, branding and public relations generalists. We have a wide range of talents and areas of expertise - from culinary and talent representation to technology and consumer products. Whether it's a corporate entity, a new drink, a non-profit, a record company, a mobile app, a magazine or a new television show - we've created a way to showcase it to the masses. Since 2008, The Door has been creating original ideas for its clients that create original and thoughtful media coverage - taking something simple and making it amazing.

What are we not?

The Door is not predictable. We don't just look at what a client is doing and report it to the media. We don't accept business as usual in an unusual world. We don't treat clients like clients.